Immersive SAP training and examination

Tenured competence in professional software training

biz:Consult is in the field of SAP usage training and certification since 2003. SAP Competence Pass Exams from biz:Consult delivered through bizExaminer software are available in Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Hungary. biz:Consult has its own SAP system installation especially for training purposes through bizExaminer. At the core of the knowledge delivery are real-world case-studies, which combined into a fictional yet realistic curriculum. Building on this didactical concept, bizExaminer is used to deliver high-quality, extremely realistic test content to thousands of students and professionals globally. Through ongoing innovation the biz:Consult team continuously improves exam content and test delivery mechanisms.

Innovative question types unlock knowledge-based assessment

Offering innovative and interactive assessment activities such as drag and drop, item matching or in-context assessment, bizExaminer made it possible to include real SAP user interfaces as part of the test experience. bizExaminer provides the ability to assess not only static knowledge through a host of diverse question types, but also developed a new form of question type for a more embedded, case-study-like assessment called Screen simulation. Through screen simulation, exam participants can show their competence in context of a real-world case study, using simulated data.

bizExaminer perfectly fits our needs and helped us create a future-ready business foundation. Thanks to bizExaminer we are able to collaborate with SAP and deliver real business value through end user competence certifications.

General Manager, biz:Consult GmbH

International reach through scalable, robust testing

Today, 97% of all trainings convert into a certification. biz:Consult’s SAP Competence Pass Exams are available in Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Hungary. There are more than 2000 tests conducted through bizExaminer annually in Austria alone.

The embedded screen simulation question type elevates examination effectiveness to a whole new level. Participants are able to demonstrate integrated, contextual knowledge of the SAP platform. bizExaminer’s effective analytics show testers how participants not just knew how to use the SAP software, but also whether they understand the application context and case-study requirements.

  • biz:Consult is a technology consulting company in the jobs and education space
  • Their core business is to train & certify professionals on the SAP software solution
  • biz:Consult is engaging with a diverse set of customers across Europe
  • Enable test-takers to interact with a real SAP GUI
  • Scale GUI workflow assignments through interactive elements (screen simulation)
  • Provide per-partner user management and analytics
  • Automate the complete exam life cycle
  • Deploy an RDP Server to connect to SAP APIs for the management of user accounts
  • Improve screen simulation capabilities for a large set of question types
  • Migrate large amounts of examination content from legacy system seamlessly
  • 97% of all trainings convert into a successful certification
  • Scaled exams internationally (Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Hungary)
  • Embedded screen simulation question type elevates examination effectiveness to a whole new level
  • Reduction of support cases by more than 60% while requiring ⅓ less training costs when compared to the previous solution

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