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Major improvements through detailed exam feedback

Improving the status-quo

The degree program Information Management at the FH JOANNEUM managed to uplevel existing exam processes through the use of innovative software and technology. Academic English, Digital Media Technologies, and Informatics courses are now testing students’ knowledge using the latest exam software, and students also receive detailed feedback through bizExaminer on which topics they need to improve on. This feedback is even available for complex question types, such as text-match questions.

bizExaminer helps us to better serve our students, and do so more effectively. Through bizExaminer we reduced the time to correct exams by up to 66% through applying innovative technology.

Lisa Zimmermann
Professor, FH JOANNEUM

Excellent service and empowering technology

Starting with the complex job of transferring the existing item database, to the flexibility of reporting, and the possibility to give detailed feedback and mark exams online – FH JOANNEUM managed to reach their goals with bizExaminer.

  • www.fh-joanneum.at
  • FH JOANNEUM offers students a practice-oriented education on a full-time or part-time basis
  • Enhance feedback for students through results by topic
  • Significantly reduce marking time
  • Transfer existing items databases
  • High degree of flexibility – supporting a variety of subjects and configuration needs
  • Using bizExaminer students receive insights by topic which measurably improve their skills
  • The time to correct exams was reduced by up to 66%
  • Existing item databases from different subjects were transferred & merged successfully and adapted to the specific needs of the professors

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