Scaling global digital competence-based examination plus remote proctoring

ECQA works with a global network of partners to bring competence-based certification to everyone. Their certified and standardized certification process is recognized across all member states of the European Union, and beyond. As such, ECQA understand themselves as the leaders in EU-wide certification.

Leveraging bizExaminer, ECQA could approach their biggest challenge yet: to move all paper-based exams to a digital process, reducing travel cost for the organization, and scaling the process better. In addition, they needed to include remote proctoring into their portfolio for some exams.

“bizExaminer is exactly what we needed. The tool is extremely reliable & robust, as well as easy to use. We could implement the solution with our existing resources. Leveraging bizExaminer we successfully scale our main business – competence oriented exams.”

Michael Reiner, President

Saved three quarter on worldwide travel costs by choosing bizExaminer

Through choosing bizExaminer, ECQA realized cost savings and enabled more scale with their exams. Their exams are now 80% digital, with a final push to 100% planed for 2023. They also realized cost savings, and met their goal of adding remote proctoring to their portfolio.

  • ECQA was founded in 2015 to drive the digitization of certification within the EU
  • ECQA has 15+ years of experience in certify job roles worldwide
  • ECQA is active in 27 countries collaborating with 45+ partners
  • ECQA’s goal was to migrate all exam operations from in-person to a fully digital examination process
  • The solution was required to handle ECQA’s complex certification management process
  • ECQA looked for an innovative partner in the evolving environment of industry-led certifications with focus on global and European markets
  • ECQA leveraged the import function, transferring question content simply and with ease
  • ECQA implemented competence oriented exams in bizExaminer, switching one paper based exam after another
  • ECQA leveraged the scale of bizExamier to develop new exams with international partners
  • ECQA started remote proctoring, leveraging bizExaminer’s deep integration with tools such as Proctorio
  • Achieving scale by empowering existing team to execute 10x more exams
  • Reduced expenses by 75% by applying digital examination system
  • Move to 80% digital examination
  • True ‘stress free’ examination through robust system setup & easy-to-use interface

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