A way to make your digital examination a stress-free experience with bizExaminer

How do you feel when you browse through the greens and blues of our refreshed website? Safe and sound? The colours, but also our standout digital examination software, are known for such attributes. That’s why we tied these together in our vision as well as our client services within the context of our corporate identity relaunch.

Less stress through faultless technology

Over the last couple of years, results of numerous studies have suggested an increase in general stress levels experienced by workers from different job levels and industries. In a survey about the management and structures of Austrian workplaces conducted by Statistik Austria it was concluded that over 40% of the participants frequently felt pressured for time in their positions. So how do you release the pent-up stress?

Smooth operations at the office

We believe that time is too precious, to be preoccupied with the inner workings of a machine, but you should rather be presented with a mechanism that already works smoothly. This will alleviate some lost time to focus on what is at hand. “If we make technologies easy, safe to use and simple to upkeep, then there is more time to work on areas that need more of our attention, such as the content,” says Bernhard Waglechner, CEO of bizExaminer. “Our vision is to ensure stress-free digital examination.”

“If we make technologies easy, safe to use and simple to upkeep, then there is more time to work on areas that need more of our attention, such as the content.”

Bernhard Waglechner
CEO bizExaminer

More support for a simple setup

We want our customers to have a carefree life, whilst setting up their exams. With our step-by-step instructions we can ensure stress-free workflows for all specific settings and requirements. Within that space we guide you through content-creation, maintenance, scheduling, reporting or analytics.

bizExaminer Laptop mit Support Center Website

Guidance for all customers’ needs

We have the answers to all questions from import/export of exam-content, how you create and mix our 22x types of questions or how to give different user permissions to individual editors. With that support and our high-quality examination software, we ensure to help create better and less stressful work environments where people can rely on our technology to help them get rid of topics which clutter their daily to-do lists.


Launch our support center

Transparency is key

To highlight this vision and showcase the resilient and safe aspects of our digital examination technology, we felt it was right to relaunch our corporate design: A smart and modern new logo design and a state-of-the-art website that not only sparkles with new colours, but also provides a straight forward and user-friendly interface. Another key element is to let transparency shine through by publishing more information and content about our company and product. “We are not hiding anymore, but are rather sharing our know-how. We want to show who we really are.” There is also a new look for customer services and software guidelines – which are featured in the new support center.

Imagine an easy, safe and reliable examination software. Well, we’ve got it.

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