Process support

Digitized exams are more than just a few automatically evaluable question types. bizExaminer offers a wealth of functions that digitally support the entire exam process.

The range of support

It starts with the content creation process, continues with the management of exam dates, and ends with the archiving of exam submissions. We also support the generation of PDFs and invoicing of completed certifications, which may consist of several exam modules. The most important function is the extensive authorization system. This allows user roles to be designed to perform exactly the tasks assigned to them and ensures the right level of access.


“Accountant” is a preconfigured user role with its own user interface. Here, you can find an overview of which exams have already been invoiced and which are still pending. Prices can also be stored here to provide additional support for exam invoicing.

Data permissions

You can control which organizations, content owners, and exams users have access to via data permissions. This is relevant if, for example, certain authors should only be able to enter and edit content of certain content owners; or if test center administrators should only be able to assign certain exams.

Generation of a certificate as a PDF

We are happy to implement your certificate templates in bizExaminer so that they are automatically generated in the designated places. These can be certificates for individual exams, but also certificates that are achieved through the successful passing of several exam modules or through credits for modules already completed outside of bizExaminer.

If an exam consists of question items that can only be evaluated automatically, a PDF certificate can also be offered for direct download after taking the exam or sent via email.

In addition, there is a preconfigured “Printer” user role with its own user interface. Here you have an overview of new certificates to be generated, which can also be printed out together. As a user with a “Printer” role, you always have an overview of which certificates have already been printed and which have not yet been printed. Address information for shipping can also be queried/managed and printed here.

User roles and authorization groups

An extensive authorization system exists to control which functions users with specific user roles have access to. These authorizations can also be used to create authorization groups and assign them to individual users.