Feedback and exam review

With fully automated and manually configurable feedback bizExaminer supports any form of feedback during or after an exam session, as well as for exam reviews and quizzes.

Automatic feedback after each question item

Automatic feedback can be activated after each question item (e.g., quizzes). This shows whether the question item was answered correctly, partially correct, or incorrectly. It also shows which answers would have been correct.

Exam review right after the exam has been completed

Immediately after taking the exam it is possible for an exam candidate to access the exam review. The exam review is displayed according to the settings.

Exam review settings

For each instance – and additionally for each exam module – you can set what should and should not be displayed in the exam review. These settings can be very detailed. For example, you can specify that only open question types and their assessment are to be seen during the exam review.

Exam review under supervision

Back-office users can directly access the exam review of individual exam entries and thereby provide an exam review for exam candidates under supervision.

Exam review via PDF

Exam reviews can also be generated fully automatically as PDF printouts and either transferred automatically via the API or downloaded manually in the back-office.

Manual feedback

For each question item, manual feedback can be entered and rules can be set for the conditions under which it should be displayed. Depending on the settings, this manual feedback appears in the exam review, after each question item and also in the PDF printout.