Every bizExaminer client can skin the product with their own corporate identity, logo, and other visual customizations. Furthermore, individual processes and requirements for a digitized exam procedure can be customized. We adapt bizExaminer to the respective requirements to maximize the value for your organization.

Instance settings

There are several instance settings which adjust bizExaminer to the necessary requirements and automatic processes.

Log-in branding

The log-in screens for the back office and exam interface can be branded with your corporate identity. This means we add your individual background image, logo, and colors free of charge.

PDF templates for certificates

We can implement templates for the automatic generation of certificates.


The exam interface for the test takers can be customized to align with your corporate identity via theming.

User roles and authorizations

bizExaminer comes out of the box with preset user-roles which align with your requirements. User roles and their corresponding authorizations can be adjusted throughout the lifecycle of the product.