Our vision

"Stress-free examination" for all our clients

Our team is at your service in our office in Vienna. We have many years of experience in education and digital exams, so we can always find the best solution together with our clients and the help of bizExaminer.

The history of bizExaminer

Our journey started working with off the shelf exam software ourselves to conduct exams. Every exam date was a stressful episode, with unforeseen system behavior, or lack of support from the software provider. Most issues which arose were due to technical reasons. When something went wrong, the supervisor at the test center rarely had a chance to resolve the situation, resulting in additional stress to the candidates.

Immediate assistance via the software providers support was not available. Not completing an exam after several hours of trying, not knowing whether the work invested so far would be recoverable made us think about a better way to do this. Reflecting on these experiences was the starting point for bizExaminer.

We knew we could do better, and make life for exam providers, test takers, and supervisors less stressful and more productive. We wanted to do better – and we did! bizExaminer is now successfully in use with clients from all over the world with our solution, serving them without a hitch through complex examination scenarios.

The core team of bizExaminer

Portrait Bernhard Waglechner

Bernhard Waglechner

CEO, Co-Founder

Portrait David Vokoun

David Vokoun


Portrait Stefan Schnabl

Stefan Schnabl


Gregor Kralik


Our partners

In the areas of service and technology, we work together with international partners. In this way we can ensure that our clients outside Central Europe can be served in the best possible way.

Service partners

Technology partners

Selected references

Higher education

Certification providers

HR, Psychometric

Professional qualification exams, adult education

E-learning, self-assessments

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