Test center concept

As a provider of exams, it is common to work with test centers in addition to remote proctoring. This requires special processes in the implementation.

bizExaminer and test center

The exam processes with test centers are fully mapped in bizExaminer. You can create and configure user accounts for test center administrators. They can then independently record exam dates and assign them to exam candidates as well as generate the access data. It is also possible to set whether PDF certificates can be generated for passed exams in the test center. Or should the test center record the shipping address to which the certificate issuer sends the certificates? With bizExaminer, this is possible. Statistics per test center/organization and the invoicing processes are also supported by bizExaminer.

Additional exam documents

It is possible to save documents as PDFs for question items so that they can be printed out with the test letter for each relevant exam candidate. This helps with extensive exam data or plans.

Address data

Test center administrators can specify in bizExaminer to which physical address(es) printed certificates and invoices should be sent to for each exam date.

bizGuard lockdown client

In test centers it is common that the exam computers are pre-prepared running a lockdown client, and that the computers show the log-in screen of bizExaminer.

Data sharing

You can set whether test centers are able to see each other’s candidate master data. This makes sense if exam candidates are free to choose in which test centers they take individual test modules, but the successful passing of several test modules together is required to achieve a degree or certificate.

Generation of certificates

Certificates based on implemented templates can be generated automatically in the following ways:

  • For direct download at the end of a passed exam or at the end of the last of several required passed exam modules.
  • Automatic delivery by email.
  • Per exam candidate as a test center user.
  • Grouped generation via a separate test center user role.
  • Grouped generation via a separate user role on the part of the certificate provider/certification authority.

Permissions settings

Via data authorizations, test center administrators define for each user account for which organizations and for which exams appointments can be created, candidates booked and access data generated. In this way you can activate different exams for different test centers.

Test letter

As soon as the identity of the exam candidates has been established, they will receive a page with the access data and any further instructions. These access data pages are called “test letters” in bizExaminer and can be generated and printed as a PDF for all exam dates.