Exam schedule administration

Exam schedules are the central element for assigning exam candidates and generating the corresponding exam access.

Management of appointments

Depending on the user role and data permissions, users can only see the self-created exam schedules or all exam schedules of those organizations for which there is an authorization.

The exam schedules and the access data for taking the exams can, in addition to being managed via the user interface, also be fully managed via the API and consequently externally, for example, via a campus management system.

If an external provider is used, exam schedules can also be marked as “remote proctored.” You will then have corresponding detailed settings for each schedule and, depending on the provider, for example, mandatory additional use of the cell phone camera.

Cancel or reopen ongoing exams

In the overview of the exam progress, ongoing exams can also be cancelled. This may be necessary, for example, if a candidate violates previously defined rules. Exams that were unintentionally submitted by candidates can also be reopened here.

Exam progress

In the case of ongoing exams, you can see the progress in the details of the schedules. There, you can see what percentage of the question items have already been worked on by the candidates.

Generation and sending of access information

When managing the exam schedules, the accesses for the candidates will also be generated. They can be printed out as a test letter (see “Test letter” under “Exam process”) or sent as direct links (see “Direct Start” under “Exam process”). An Excel export of the access data and direct start link is also available

Initiate evaluation

If an exam candidate has closed the browser window without submitting the exam, then the evaluation can also be initiated directly via the overview of the exam progress. For this purpose, the last status of the given answers synchronized with the server is used.

Mandatory and custom fields

We can set for each bizExaminer instance which data fields are mandatory for the registration of exam candidates. In addition, we can freely define additional fields that are required for each organization (e.g., a matriculation number). It is also possible to create anonymized exam submissions.

Mixing of exam modules

On a given exam date, not all exam candidates are required to take the same exam module. For each candidate and date, it can be determined which exam module or modules this candidate will take.

Viewing and exporting of results

The results of the exam submissions can be viewed and exported for each exam date.