Exam process

bizExaminer has been developed to ensure a technically reliable and stress-free exam process.

Two frequent examples regarding this topic: Is the Internet connection causing problems? – bizExaminer keeps running, and the examinees usually do not notice anything. Is the exam computer crashing? – The given answers are saved on the server every 60 seconds at the latest, and the exam can be continued from the last version saved on the server.

Whether the exam is conducted in a test center or remotely from the workplace or from home, with or without a lockdown client: bizExaminer is optimized to provide stress-free examination for test takers and organizers.


The bizExaminer exam interface has been developed according to the WCAG guidelines, and people with disabilities can be granted additional time when taking exams with a timer.


Our lockdown client “bizGuard” is available for Windows and Mac. bizGuard overlays the entire screen and disables external screens so that test takers cannot operate anything else on the device except the bizExaminer exam interface. If an exam module is configured using the setting “bizGuard only: yes,” the exam cannot be started in a normal browser.

Directstart Links

There are “Directstart Links” for logging in and starting exams. If the email addresses of the exam candidates are available, these links can be sent directly to the exam candidates through bizExaminer. These links can also be distributed manually, for example, via chat programs.

Multilingual exam interface

The exam interface is currently available in English, German, French, and Spanish.


www.safeexambrowser.org is fully integrated into bizExaminer. If an exam module is configured using the setting “SafeExamBrowser only: yes,” then the exam cannot be started in a normal browser.

Suitable for cell phone use

The exam interface of bizExaminer has been optimized for cell phone use and also works on tablets and smartphones.

Test letter

In test centers, it is common that the exam computers are already prepared via a “lockdown client,” and the log-in screen of the bizExaminer exam interface is shown. As soon as the identity of the exam candidates has been established, they will receive a page with the access data and any further instructions. These access data pages are called “test letters” in bizExaminer and can be generated together and printed as a PDF for all exam dates.