Frequently Asked Questions

Can the software be operated online?

Yes, the entire software and the authoring interface can be operated in the browser.

Which platforms are supported for taking exams?

The exams can be carried out in any modern browser. In addition, our lockdown client bizGuard for Windows and Mac is available for taking the exams while the computer is locked down. The open-source solution SafeExamBrowser is also integrated with bizExaminer and directly supported.

Where is bizExaminer hosted?

In the standard package, bizExaminer is hosted in a certified Austrian data center under strict security measures. bizExaminer can, however, also be put into operation on the client's servers if desired. Depending on the planned workload and reliability, bizExaminer can also simply be put into operation in a cluster.

Is bizExaminer GDPR-compliant, and who does the data belong to?

Yes, bizExaminer is fully GDPR-compliant, and the data always belongs to the client or contractual partner. For more details, see the Data protection/GDPR section.

Is bizExaminer cell phone compatible and accessible?

Yes. The exam interface has been developed in accordance with WAI-AA guidelines and is responsively optimized.

How many exams can be carried out at the same time?

With the standard package in the standard configuration, up to 1,000 exams can be started at the same time and up to 3,000 exams can be carried out at the same time. With server upgrades, up to 10,000 simultaneous exams are possible. Distributed server systems are used for 10,000 or more simultaneous exams. In the case of installation on client servers, the server(s) will be sized together with the client according to their requirements.

What happens if the Internet connection fails during the exam?

The exam can continue seamlessly. If the connection is still interrupted when the exam is submitted, then the answers given or solutions worked out can be saved in encrypted form on the client computer and later uploaded by an authorized person in the bizExaminer back office.

What if the exam computer crashes?

After logging in again, the test can be continued seamlessly from the last version saved on the server.

How does bizExaminer differ from solutions such as Moodle?

bizExaminer is a pure exam system and has been optimized to the highest degree. You don't need a technician for this, and it's largely self-explanatory.

What do I have to pay attention to when using the "online from home" exams?

You need to know what level of "remote proctoring" you want to have and whether this should be done by machine, by your own staff or by external service providers. bizExaminer offers a full range of options, and if this topic is new to you, we will be happy to provide you with advice specific to your situation. Please also note the separate point "remote proctoring" in the features.

Can exam content be imported?

Yes, there are several ways to import exam content.

Are closed and open question formats supported?

Yes, there are question types that are entirely automatically assessed by the system, but there are also open question types such as Essay, Coding, File Upload, and Photo-Based Answer. Open question types can be combined with automatically assessable question types in an exam configuration. If there are any open questions, a manual assessment process is initiated.

Can several authors work with it at the same time?

Yes, and authors can work on the same content, but also completely separately, for example, for different departments. There are also different authorization levels for authors.

Is the software available in several languages?

Yes, the exam interface is currently available in German, English, French and Spanish. The backoffice is available in German and English, and the exam content can be created in any language.

Are different time zones supported?

Yes, each backoffice user can set their time zone and also set the correct time zone for each exam date.

How many users does bizExaminer have?

We've stopped counting. Our clients currently come from 14 different countries and we have users from all over the world.

How much does bizExaminer cost?

There are prices per exam submission, per exam user/year and both variants as "pay per use" and as "pre-pay" models. Depending on the support you need, we have different price levels. Exact prices are available on request.

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