Question types

There are currently 24 different question types. They are constantly being enhanced so that authors can create content as efficiently and easily as possible. Enhancing our question type pool is necessary to offer the greatest possible flexibility as online exams become more and more diverse.

Open-ended question types include “Essay,” “Coding,” “File Upload,” and “Photo-Based Answer.” These can be used together with closed question items. Open question types then require a manual evaluation. The system automatically evaluates all other question types.

Depending on the question type, there are different setting and configuration options, such as the pre-filled programming code for the “Coding” question type or negative points for “Multiple Response” for incorrectly selected answers.


With “Coding,” the test taker writes code in a specific text editor. The answers are assessed manually. Various programming and scripting languages as well as markup languages are supported. Code can be pre-filled for editing.


Pure content without answer options and without evaluation settings.


Positioning of elements on a background image using drag & drop.


Here, a text is compiled/written with the help of a text editor, which is then assessed manually.

File Upload

Upload of a defined number of files, the format of which has been predefined and which are assessed manually.

Fill in Blanks / Select a Blank

Fill in the gap with input fields and/or selection fields that must be filled in. The gaps can be evaluated for text or numbers.


Place a marker on a picture.

Interacting Image / Screen Simulation

This is a background image with interactive elements on it, such as text input, menu, buttons, checkboxes, etc.

Knowledge Matrix

Selection of the correct response options in a matrix.

Likert Scale

This question type refers to multiple questions, each of which has equal, scaling response options, one of which can be selected at a time.


Assignment of terms or parts of text by selection or drag & drop.

MS Excel

A predefined Microsoft Excel file is opened for editing via the “Windows Lockdown Client.” The automatic evaluation takes place based on defined values with cell reference.

Multiple Choice

Selection of a response option.

Multiple Lists

Multiple selection lists in the form of dropdowns or via checkboxes/radio buttons.

Multiple Response

Selection of none, one or more response options.


Enter a number as an answer. Evaluation based on an exact number or a range of numbers.

Photo Based Answer

This is about working out an answer on paper – or otherwise offline/analog. Using the bizExaminer app or another app connected to bizExaminer, you digitize the answer by photographing & uploading it to the exam using a QR code.

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Assignment of the correct sequence via selection of the positioning numbers.


Assignment of the correct order by drag & drop.


Edit spreadsheet directly in the exam interface with automatic evaluation of defined cell contents for text or number.

Survey Matrix

This question type refers to several questions in matrix form. Each question has the same set of possible response options. Only one response can be selected for each question.

Text Match

Here you can enter text in a text field with a set size. The text is evaluated automatically. The evaluation can be carried out on the entire text, but also on parts of the text.


Selection of “True” or “False” as the response option.


Selection of “Yes” or “No” as a response option.