Federal Police Academy – Federal Ministry Republic of Austria Interior

How bizExaminer helps police officers unlock new career opportunities

Meet the day-one requirements of the toughest team in town

The Federal Police Academy of the Austrian Ministry of the Interior (BMI) leads all of the Austrian executive police force, including their training and development throughout all ranks. To ensure the best and most deserving team members are supported with the right executive training, the BMI looked for a strong e-assessment solution to help them select the best and brightest for exclusive executive training. 

From the roughly 30,000 officers eligible, around 3,000 try each term to make it to the executive training. Managing the exam which would select the officers and give the opportunity to uplevel their career has been increasingly unmanageable. To future-proof this process, BMI looked to bizExaminer to help implement a system which could handle the extreme technical requirements of this high-security environment.

The bizExaminer team is a known trusted partner across the industry with decades of experience in the e-assessment space. BMI Federal Police Academy first and foremost looked for such a trusted partner in scouting out the market, understanding what is out there, and getting an objective view on viable options.

It soon became clear that only one solution was cut out to meet the needs of BMI, and it was the bizExaminer software. With a solid ‘stress-free’ backend system, a high focus on robustness, and ‘disaster-proof’ architecture, the system met the high-grade requirements of BMI as the only solution out of all considered.

“bizExaminer saved us a lot of stress, it runs perfectly and is the only solution out there fitting our high security standards”

Lisa Bauer, Team Lead Technology
Federal Police Academy E-Learning Centre

  • www.bmi.gv.at
  • Federal Ministry Republic of Austria Interior, Federal Police Academy
  • Government entity with highest possible security requirements
  • Continued education & training for executive force of the Austrian ministry of Interior
  • 39,000 employees with examination needs across 12 academies
  • 2,000 new recruits with onboarding training needs each year
  • Support continued examination needs for all 39,000 staff as well as the 2,000 yearly recruits and for digital entrance exam to key-executive training program.
  • Ensure centralized technical excellence in execution and implementing highest possible security standards.
  • Meet specific set of ‘day-one’ business & technical requirements of government entity
  • bizExaminer came out the leading solution in an extensive market research led by BMI, including bizExaminer’s reference customers.
  • bizExaminer demo of comprehensive solution approach, including how to meet all requirements from day one.
  • Implemented a simulation setup using last year’s questions to prove beyond-doubt viability of system setup for production deployment.
  • 100% of 2022 exams completed in production without any issues.
  • 3x faster ranking and selection of participants for executive training program.
  • Reduced exam content preparation time by 80%.

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