Privacy/GDPR at bizExaminer

Our fundamental principle is: “The data always belongs to the client.” In bizExaminer, the data is always processed on behalf of the client.

Our clients have different requirements as to whether and how personal data must be handled, how long it must be retained for, or how quickly it should be permanently deleted.

This means that we enter into individual agreements on commissioned data processing, which cover the following topics:

  • Retention periods for personal data.
  • Pseudonymization or generally anonymous data storage.
  • Sustainable deletion or anonymization of personal data that is no longer required.
  • Processing of requests for information or deletion of individual persons’ data.

bizExaminer onDemand is hosted in a data center in Vienna. The offices and all technicians with access to the servers are also located in Vienna, i.e., within the EU.

Do you have any further questions about data protection/GDPR at bizExaminer?