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Stress-free examination

Decision makers in the education sector want to create, conduct and manage exams without stress. Our efficient software solution has been helping decision-makers do just that for more than 15 years. This way, you can maintain an overview, time and control – in other words, have and also offer orientation – always and everywhere.


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These colleges, universities and educational institutions rely on bizExaminer as a stable solution for online exams.

Not one step back, but two steps ahead

bizExaminer knows all the well-known features that conventional solutions offer in the exam area. We analyze them and match them based on our experience with the advanced needs of our customers with whom we have been working for years.

bizExaminer MS Excel Spreadsheet auf Bildschirm eines Laptops

An exam remains an exam

Everybody knows the problem: unstable internet connection. With bizExaminer the exam can be continued even if the network access is interrupted. You can export the answers and upload them at a later time.

bizExaminer MS Excel Spreadsheet auf Bildschirm eines Laptops

No more workarounds

Did you know that a workaround is actually a temporary solution? bizExaminer lets you avoid it right away. Our software intercepts questions about evaluation procedures, exam length, exam insight etc.. So that you can concentrate on the real thing: the exam.

bizExaminer MS Excel Spreadsheet auf Bildschirm eines Laptops

Configure according to requirements

bizExaminer has programmed the software so flexible that one can adjust the configuration depending on the user role. Because the needs of an exam are different from those of an exam administration; just to give an example.


Extensive options for exam configuration

Extensive structuring of exams and comprehensive question selection rules.

Lockdown Client

Lockdown Client for Windows and Mac and SafeExamBrowser fully integrated.

As cloud solution or own server

bizExaminer is hosted in a data center in Vienna, but is also available as a virtual server solution for integration into the customer's internal network.

Simple preview functions for authors

Preview and "tryout" questions and exams for authors.

Remote Proctoring Integration

Integration of various remote proctoring solutions

Content Owners

Administration of multiple content owners and author access rights.

Auditing organizations

Administration of auditing organizations with own user accounts for them and their rights.

Multi-domain capable

A bizExaminer installation can run multiple instances with their own domains or subdomains. Each instance can be branded and configured individually.

Development focus on performance

bizExaminer is optimized for performance to perform a maximum number of simultaneous exams with minimal requirements.

Moodle and Canvas LMS integration

Integrate your bizExaminer instance into your Moodle or Canvas LMS

Automatic question versioning

Each exam entry has a specific question version assigned to it that cannot be changed later.

Automatic mechanisms in case of connection problems

Stable test execution even with connection problems

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